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Fleas and Pets

Summer is here, meaning people are spending more and more time outdoors, enjoying the sunny warm weather. Many times, they will bring their pets along to enjoy it too – but this can cause a problem, as they may bring back fleas into the home. If your pet has tracked these pesky critters back into your house and you are tired of the itchy feelings they cause, there are some at home pest control remedies you can try to get rid of them:Check for fleas on you and around the home: put on a pa...

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Pests & Allergies

Many people develop “summertime allergies”, blaming it on the weather and pollen in the air. But, the true cause could be the pests scurrying around your home. Did you know that roaches are actually the cause of one of the most common indoor allergens? Exposure to the cast-off skins and airborne residue roaches leave behind can trigger a response in 80% of those with asthmatic sensitivity, making them as common an allergen trigger as mold, animal dander, or cigarette smoke. But they ...

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Protecting Against Ticks

The summer is upon us, and more and more people are turning to the outdoors for entertainment. Whether you are going camping or just taking your dog on a walk through the woods, there is a possibility you could come home with a little more than you bargained for – specifically, a tick. Ticks carry diseases, some of which can be fatal. How can you protect against ticks this summer season? Use products with 20% DEET or higher on skin and clothing – this should be applied carefully, avo...

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Surviving Lovebug Season

If you have lived in Florida for any length of time, you realize that, much like summer, lovebug season is an inevitable part of the year. Generally, lovebugs fly into our state twice a year – during late spring, from around mid April through May, and then again in fall, as the heat begins to fade in September. While lovebugs are harmless to humans, they can definitely be a nuisance. Often times they will fly in people’s faces when they are enjoying an outdoor activity, or swarm aro...

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Warm Weather Tips for Pest Prevention

After many ups and downs this winter, the warm weather may be here to stay – and with the warm weather come many bugs, including carpenter ants, termites, ticks and others. How can you prevent these small creatures from becoming a problem? Lawn Care. Keeping your lawn cut and trim, and removing any leaf debris promptly, can help significantly cut down in bug issues. Trim trees and bushes around your home so they do not come into contact with the building. Often times, bugs can pass direct...

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