Exterior Pest Prevention Systems

The Advantage Exterior Defense Pest Prevention System

Focuses attention where pests live and breed. Professionally trained Pest Prevention service technicians closely inspect, monitor and treat the sources, avenues and conditions which allow pests back into the home.  Utilizing highly effective baits and sealing even the smallest cracks and crevices, creating an effective barrier around the base of the structural foundation, doors, windows and all areas of your home.
Advantage Services, Inc. Integrated Pest Management Prevention program is designed to prevent even the toughest pests from penetrating into your home from the outside. After the initial service, future services will be performed on the exterior of your home. Preventing future infestations is a much more responsible treatment program, protecting your home, family and pets from annoying pests. Guaranteed


Provide a complete barrier defense system for the exterior of the home preventing future infestation.
  • Treatment of all eaves and soffit areas
  • Treatment around all windows, doors and entryways
  • Treatment around base of foundation
  • Treatment of mulched beds and landscaped areas
  • Treatment of any possible harboraging areas
You can depend on the professionalism of Advantage Services, Inc. to protect your home, family and pets.
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