Interior Pest Prevention Systems

Advantage Interior Defense Pest Prevention In Florida

This environmental management program utilizes highly effective liquid and baits in all cracks and crevices that are conducive areas for future infestation. The concept is unique but simple...household pests such as roaches, ants, fleas, rodents, spiders, etc. are not naturally native to the inside of your home. One way or another, they get in from the outside. After effectively treating the sources, avenues, conditions and eliminating any existing infestations. Promote simple yet effective sanitation, housekeeping and maintenance programs, we can literally prevent pests from becoming potential problems inside the home.

Interior Pest Prevention

Provide a complete crack and crevice treatment utilizing liquid and gel baits as required to the following areas during your initial service: 
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Garage
  • Exterior doors
  • Around windows
  • Attic (as needed)
After your initial service, future services will be done on the exterior of your home.
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