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CURRENT SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE INFESTATIONS - Are sometimes very difficult to detect, but termites do leave warning signs for property owners to become aware of an immediate subterranean termite infestation. If any of the following warning signs are visible, it may mean that subterranean termites have made penetration and are currently active within the structure causing unseen damage to any wood member of the structure. Most subterranean termite damage may go unnoticed until some major repairs would be required.
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Some warning signs are normally visible throughout the year, like exit holes and mud tunnels. Other warning signs like Subterranean Termite Swarmers, black bodies and wings, are primarily more evident in the springtime here in Florida. If you suspect that your home or business might have termites, Advantage Services, Inc. can help you correctly identify the problem and the source of the infestation. Our licensed trained professional termite treatment experts can recommend the best termite prevention solution for your structure.

Advantage Services, Inc. offers various types of subterranean termite treatment services in order to assure you of the quality piece of mind that a complete eradication of subterranean termites to your structure has been performed. These service agreements are renewed on a yearly basis that requires a thorough interior and exterior inspection to be performed. Advantage Services Inc. also offers a complete preventative service for owners that currently do not have any type of infestation and want to prevent any future subterranean termite infestation to their structure. We are so confident that our subterranean termite treatments are completely effective, that we offer a Subterranean Termite Repair Damage Warranty.

Top Ten Tips For Termite Prevention

Early spring is the time when termites called “swarmers” come alive in order to mate and create new termite colonies. Unfortunately, unprotected residential homes are a prime target for new colony formation. Termites are able to destroy a home from within by eating away at the wood fibers. They often go undetected until the home has incurred a great deal of damage. Termites can chew through flooring and supporting wood, such as 2” x 4” beams while being undetected. Over time, usually several years the structural integrity of the home can become comprised, resulting in the need for major renovations. Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage in the United States each year.

Fortunately, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to help prevent a termite infestation. Here are our top termite preventions tips:

  1. Repair rotted or leaky roof shingles.
  2. Reduce places where water builds up around the foundation of your home. Termites need a source of moisture to survive.
  3. Ensure gutters and downspouts channel water away from your home.
  4. Periodically examine the foundation of your house checking for mud tubes or paint that is bubbling.
  5. Make sure soil does not rest against any wood structure of your house. Keep soil at least 1 ½ feet away from the wood.
  6. Repair leaking pipes and faucets. Don’t give termites a water source.
  7. If you have firewood, be sure to store it at least twenty feet from the house.
  8. Loose mortar around the foundation should be replaced along with weather stripping around windows.
  9. Schedule an annual inspection with an Advantage Pest expert. Remember, homeowner’s insurance does not pay for termite damage.
It is very difficult for homeowners to control termites themselves. If you think you may have a problem with termites, contact us at Advantage Services immediately. We will determine to what extent termites are present and what damage they have causes. We can then recommend a course of action to eliminate them.
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