Pest Control vs Pest Prevention


Just a fancy way of saying the same thing? Absolutely not! Pest Control is the application of pesticides, whether needed or not, to control or eliminate pest infestation in and around the home. You’ve seen it for years. In some cases, it’s exactly what you expect; a service technician comes into your home on a regular basis and sprays something along the baseboards. In today’s world, this practice is inconvenient, in many cases not effective, and in all cases, unnecessary.
Advantage Pest Prevention simply and literally changes the focus from inside the home to outside. It also changes the focus from chemicals and pesticides to people and training. Ask yourself, if you could keep pests out of your home without the routine use of pesticides as part of the program, wouldn't you, your family and our environment be better off? We think so and we're doing it for Florida families every single day with guaranteed results.
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