Timbor Drywood Termite | Pre Construction

Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-Treatment

Drywood termites are located throughout the state of Florida, infesting the structural dry wood members of structures that are under construction and/or already built. Drywood termites do not require ground contact for moisture unlike the subterranean termites. The wood members that are infested with drywood termites contain the moisture required for them to survive. Normally drywood termites will swarm only at night beginning in late spring through the fall (May-October). Building codes in Florida do not require new construction of structures to be treated for drywood termites. Normally during a swarming episode, a structure that has been targeted for settlement by drywood termites, several colonies can be established in any exposed wood members in the structure. Within 2-5 years, these drywood termite colonies will cause damage that is very destructive in many cases. Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-Treatment is a highly effective protection against any and all wood destroying organisms including drywood termites. Treatment would be performed when all mechanicals and framing have been completed, but prior to the installation of insulation. 

Typically, a tent fumigation would be required to eradicate this infestation including the following:

  • You would have to leave your home for two (2) days minimum.
  • Remove all of your uncanned foods, including all items in the refrigerator.
  • Remove all plant life within the structure.
  • Remove all cosmetics and medications.
  • Trim all trees and shrubs with a 2-3 foot clearance around perimeter of structure.
  • Possible roof and rain gutter damage due to crew working on roof with tarp              

All exposed wood members in the structure will be treated including:

  • Framing
  • Trusses
  • Furring
  • fascia exterior areas
  • under side of roof deck

Advantage Services Inc. Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-Treatment is the only solution in preventing current and any future infestation to the structure. This low cost upgrade to the integrity of structure will prevent the costly damage and inconvenience caused by drywood termites. Advantage Services Inc. will provide the owner with a Renewable Drywood Termite Bond and the piece of mind of having Total Comprehensive Termite Protection  with one dependable and reliable company.

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