Termite Control Products: Termidor in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach

Advantage Termidor liquid protection barrier system is the most highly effective and fastest subterranean termite solution to eliminate any and all termite activity to your structure. Advantage Services, Inc. utilizes the most highly effective termidicide on the market today. TERMIDOR has treated millions of structures against subterranean termite infestation.

Termidor has been utilized for over 10+ years with a level of high effectiveness surpassing the most stringent efficacy and environmental test in decades. All tests conducted with Termidor have proven conclusively that utilizing TERMIDOR is the only termidicide to completely eliminate termite colonies effectively. This proven technology TERMIDOR is highly effective against all subterranean termites including the most destructive Formosan termite under the most stringent and challenging environmental conditions. Termidor utilizes revolutionary liquid application treatment technology that is totally undetectable by subterranean termites. Termidor is virtually odorless liquid termidicide that is applied to the exterior foundation. Depending on the slab configuration, application to block voids may be necessary creating a complete 100% solid barrier around your structure. Foraging subterranean termites that come in contact with TERMIDOR can't taste, see or smell it. This revolutionary technology allows the foraging termites to come in contact with the Advantage Termidor Liquid Protection System creating Transfer Effect. This allows the foraging subterranean termites to interact with the rest of the colony while effecting the entire termite population, including the subterranean termite queen. This all leads to complete colony elimination in a very short and effective time frame.

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