Types of Roaches

If you are looking for information on how to get rid of roaches, then you have come to the right place. Living in Florida, you have somewhere, somehow have had an experience with roaches.

With over 3,500 species worldwide, approximately 85 species are in the United States and only 10 are located within the state of Florida. Roach species vary in size up to 2" in variety of colors. All roach species prefer conditions that are warm, moist and dark. They are capable of squeezing into the smallest cracks and crevices as small as 1/8". Roaches have an oval flat body, with a pronotum which extends over their head. Although males and females are fully winged, roaches do not actually fly, but glide through the air. The main preference is to run and hide.

Mature roach female produces an egg capsule called an ootheca approximately two weeks after becoming an adult. The ootheca size varies with species type, but each is segmented and each segment contains two eggs. Each ootheca species will vary in egg production from 25 to 48 eggs per capsule. Females will carry the ootheca for three weeks approximately. Ootheca hatching produces the first instar nymphs. Instars is a molting process of evolving and shedding their outer shell/skin, advancing to the next evolution. Varies species will undergo six to eight instar molting stages. Newly molted roaches are completely white for about two to four hours before their soft cuticles begin to harden and turn brown.

Adult roaches live about six to eight months. Males and females are normally equal in number in any one area. Roaches aggregate in areas where water, food and harborage are abundant. They are scavengers and will escalate their population in a very short time frame. Roaches are not social insects, like ants, but will often form small clusters.

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German Roach

Size: 1/2" to 5/8" Long as an adult.

Markings: Two long dark stripes behind the head.

Habitat: Prefers to live in cracks and crevices that are 3/16" wide. Preferred harboraging in kitchens and bathrooms of homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, hospitals.

Molting Roach

These are newly molted individual whose cuticles have not had time to harden. Normally the darkening process requires about two to four hours.

Brown Banded Roach

Size: 5/8" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is dark brown, and the wings are reddish brown to brown. At the rear, there are two pale brown bands.

Habitat: Prefers to live in bedrooms, furniture and closets.

American Roach (Palmetto)

Size: 1 1/2" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is reddish-brown with light markings behind the head.

Habitat: Commonly found outdoors in sewers, basements, mulch and palmetto trees.

Australian Roach (Palmetto)

Size: 1 1/2" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is reddish-brown to dark distinctive characteristic markings behind the head. The front edge of the base of the forewing is a light, yellow stripe.

Habitat: Commonly found outdoors in mulch, decaying wood debris and palmetto trees.

Florida Woods Roach

Size: 1 3/4" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is dark reddish brown to black. Also known as the stinking roach because it creates a foul-smelling fluid to protect itself from predators.

Habitat: Lives outdoors in mulch, leaf debris, under rocks, wood piles and decaying logs.

Smokey Brown Roach

Size: 1 1/2" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is a mahogany brown to to black with no patterns behind the head.

Habitat: Lives outdoors in trees, wood piles and attics of homes.

Oriental Roach

Size: 1" long as an adult.

Markings: Is shiny black with no visible markings.

Habitat: Lives damp areas such as sewers, basements and crawl spaces.

Cuban Roach

Size: 3/4" Long as an adult.

Markings: Is a pale green with no visible markings.

Habitat: Lives outdoors in damp areas and are adept fliers that are attracted to light.

Dead Roach

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