Fleas in Central Florida

Friday, December 8, 2023
This blog was so popular... it was time to repost:
Fleas... it doesn't matter where you live in Central Florida!  With a widespread problem already, here are a few helpful hints that can keep the problem under control. 
#1 - Make sure if you have any pets that they ARE on a professional flea program.  For BEST results, you need to alternate the type of chemical being utilized, for example:  I use Frontline Plus one month & Revolutions the next. We were told by a vet years ago that was the best thing & BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!  PLEASE CONSULT A VET FOR CHEMICAL BEST FOR YOUR PET.  Even if your pet does not go outside or don't even have a pet, fleas are plentiful in the grass!!  Squirrels, Raccoons, and other animals can be FLEA infested and they play in your yard! 
That means your yard can have fleas and YOU can bring them in yourself!! 
#2 - For self OR professional  treatment for your yard, make sure you cut the grass BEFORE you treat!!  This will hatch out some of the fleas from their eggs so you may have an effective kill.
#3 - YOUR VACUUM IS YOUR FRIEND!!  No matter what, vacuum as much as possible, then clean out the canister or throw away the bag.  This is a must!!  Your vacuum is collecting fleas & their eggs.  You don't want them hatching in the vacuum and put them back into your rugs or furniture!  I could go on and on, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 
Lisa 12/8/2023

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