Going into Termite Season

Friday, March 21, 2014
Going into Termite Season
Termites are active year round, but become more prevalent starting in the spring. While there is no hard and fast beginning and end to termite season, but generally it lasts from March to November. How can you prepare for termite season? Here are a few tips.

  • Eliminate possible food sources: Termites love cellulose, found in stumps, rotting logs, and other wood. Removing stacked firewood from near your house and replacing wood mulch with alternative materials like rubber or rock can help prevent termites from colonizing on your property.
  • Remove moisture: Termites need water to survive, and are attracted to areas where it is readily available. Make sure your house’s pipes are in good shape and not leaking, crawl spaces have adequate ventilation, and gutters are clear to divert water away from the foundation of the home.
  • Remove heavy growth from around your home: Heavy growth and brush can be a perfect source of both cellulose and moisture for termites.  By cutting back shrubs and keeping them clean, you can help discourage termites from coming near your home.
  • Treat soil before you build. Treating soil may seem expensive, but it can save you money in the long run if it prevents termite damage to your home!
  • Get your home inspected: If you think you may have termites, get your home inspected immediately. A professional can tell you if you really do have termites, and help you plan the best course of action to get rid of them before they do serious damage to your home.

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Advantage Pest 3/21/2014

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