Pests & Allergies

Monday, June 9, 2014
Many people develop “summertime allergies”, blaming it on the weather and pollen in the air. But, the true cause could be the pests scurrying around your home. Did you know that roaches are actually the cause of one of the most common indoor allergens? Exposure to the cast-off skins and airborne residue roaches leave behind can trigger a response in 80% of those with asthmatic sensitivity, making them as common an allergen trigger as mold, animal dander, or cigarette smoke.
Pests & Allergies

But they aren’t the only pests who can cause allergies. Dust mites, fleas, wasps bees and others have been known to irritate allergies in some people. Dust mites and roaches are the cause of airborne threats, while fleas, wasps and bees can cause reactions after direct contact, caused by bites or stings. Depending on the severity of the allergy, the reaction to this contact can be severe, even causing anaphylaxis in some.
It is important to try to take care of this pest control problem immediately, especially if you have infants or small children in your home. Long term exposure to allergens can leave children with sensitivity that will last their entire life, and older children and adults can see a worsening in their allergies with repeat exposure as well. If you need help getting rid of your roach problem, or any other pests who may be causing you to sneeze, contact Advantage Pest today!
Advantage Pest 6/9/2014

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