Swarming Ants vs. Swarming Termites

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swarming Ants vs Swarming Termites 

There are a few specific physical attributes that can help you tell between flying ants and swarming termites. Flying ants have bent antennae, while those on a termite are straight. The wings on the ants are unequal length, with those near the head reaching out further than the pair behind them, while the two sets of wings on termites are approximately the same length. Ants wings are much more durable than termites wings as well – in fact, in the case of swarming termites, you will often find discarded wings on your property. Finally, ants feature a pinched waist while termites have a straight waist.
When insects are ready to mate, they often create an insect mating swarm, which can cause problems for home owners. Winged termites are known to warm mostly in the early spring, as they like warm and rainy weather. Flying ants sometimes swarm at this time, but may become prevalent at other times of the year as well. Depending on whether you are experiencing ants or termites, your course of action in treatment will be different. If you are experiencing swarming insects, first take a deep breath and examine them, to determine if they are ants or if they are termites. Then, contact a professional.

If you are experiencing swarming ants, the good news is that they are usually primarily a nuisance and cause little damage, mainly getting into household food. Termites, on the other hand, can often cause structural damage to your home. With both ants and termites though, there are a few things you can do while waiting for a termite control professional to arrive. First, you can watch the insects to determine where they may be entering the home. Mark these areas with tape, so they can easily be found when a professional inspects the property. You can also vacuum in the home in the meantime to remove any debris left behind, such as discarded wings.

If you have experienced a problem with swarming termites or swarming ants, do not hesitate to call Advantage Pest Services today!

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