Volusia County Mosquito Advisory

Monday, August 10, 2009
The Florida Department of Health issues advisories & alerts when animals test positive for various mosquito-borne illnesses.  "Volusia, Walton, Columbia, Leon, Suwannee, Clay, Madison, and Union counties are currently under mosquito-borne illness advisories."  This simply means that everyone in Volusia County & the surrounding counties needs to take precautions from being bit from mosquitoes. Everyone should know that mosquitoes are heavily out during dusk & dawn.  Since it is way too hot here in Central & Northeastern Florida to wear long sleeve shirts, please don't forget to put on some mosquito repellent, best  active ingredient being Deet.  If there is any standing water in the area where the mosquitoes are plentiful, you might want to contact the proper authorities (city or county) & let them know.  Have the proper authorities fogged your area lately? 
Lisa 8/10/2009

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