Who Has NOT Had Insect Problems?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
It's hot, humid & just out right miserable!  Well, insects go wild during our crazy summer days!  Why?  Well, it does NOT matter where you live, but how you take care of your home that helps!  No matter if you are in Palm Coast, DeLand, New Smyrna or just in Daytona, Ormond or Port Orange.....bugs will find you! 
When the heavy rains come in the afternoon...our DRY ground can NOT handle all the water.  What happens is, the bugs that live in the ground are going to seek higher ground.  That usually means in your home!!   If our area gets to DRY...what happens?  They search for water...wherever they can.  That again usually means... in your home!
The easiest trick is to pour about 1/8th of a cup of bleach down ALL your drains...your sinks in the bathrooms, kitchen & utility area...as well as any bathtubs or showers!  Let it sit for only about 20 minutes...then rinse.   Check out other helpful hints on past blogs such as 7/24/2009 & 7/31/2009!  Heck....just check them all out!! :)
Lisa 8/17/2010

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