August, 2009

Going Camping in Florida? Beware!

If you are like us, we like to go camping. Even if it's in our own back yard here in Ormond Beach, it's nice to enjoy the great outdoors. The problem: Fleas & Ticks! If you are going to camp in deep wooded areas, you need to check and make sure that you don't have any of them on you! They can transfer from you, whether they are just on your clothes, to anything! If your vehicle has carpet or material on the seats, you could end up with a big problem. Imagine what would happen to your home, e...

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Vic 8/24/2009 Comments(0)

Argentine Ants all over Florida!

This information was found on AOL News: Argentine ants have spread from South America to every continent except Antarctica. A study in the journal Insectes Sociaux found that billions of the ants have now formed a global colony with enormous branches in Europe, the United States and Japan, the BBC reported. We here at Advantage Pest Services deal with Argentine ants here in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach , Melbourne and even up in Jacksonville. Please see our Pest Indentification to see if this is ...

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Lisa 8/24/2009 Comments(0)

Volusia County Mosquito Advisory

The Florida Department of Health issues advisories & alerts when animals test positive for various mosquito-borne illnesses. " Volusia, Walton, Columbia, Leon, Suwannee, Clay, Madison, and Union counties are currently under mosquito-borne illness advisories." This simply means that everyone in Volusia County & the surrounding counties needs to take precautions from being bit from mosquitoes. Everyone should know that mosquitoes are heavily out during dusk & dawn. Since it is way too ...

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Lisa 8/10/2009 Comments(0)