March, 2014

Going into Termite Season

Termites are active year round, but become more prevalent starting in the spring. While there is no hard and fast beginning and end to termite season, but generally it lasts from March to November. How can you prepare for termite season? Here are a few tips. Eliminate possible food sources: Termites love cellulose, found in stumps, rotting logs, and other wood. Removing stacked firewood from near your house and replacing wood mulch with alternative materials like rubber or rock can hel...

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Swarming Ants vs. Swarming Termites

There are a few specific physical attributes that can help you tell between flying ants and swarming termites. Flying ants have bent antennae, while those on a termite are straight. The wings on the ants are unequal length, with those near the head reaching out further than the pair behind them, while the two sets of wings on termites are approximately the same length. Ants wings are much more durable than termites wings as well – in fact, in the case of swarming termites, you will often f...

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